During 2015, I put Multiskill Consultancy Limited at the heart of the community through the following sponsorships.

Community Awareness Project

A project designed to make the lives of young people more rewarding and inclusive, Multiskill Consultancy sponsored the Community Initiative Awareness Project based in the Midlands. The sponsorship enabled this project to provide young people with safe venues where they could engage with ex-police officers to be educated about the current issues relating to crime prevention.

The Birmingham Olympic Legacy Project

A sport and culture project which will continue to help strengthen the historical and sporting relationship between the city of Birmingham and Jamaica. Multiskill Consultancy Limited was one of the sponsors that toured Jamaica with the project and met with school counsellors to discuss Jamaica’s initiatives on developing and supporting young people’s wellbeing and development. The main focus for Multiskill Consultancy Limited was to support the school counsellors with tools to empower young people to successfully engage in education and achieve.

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